Hello, and welcome to Lily on the Go….. I’m Lily… or more truthfully… Lisa.

Lily is how I’m known by my family and apparently I was always on the go, so it seemed a fitting name for my travel blog scribblings.

So I’m not one of your typical 20 something globetrotters… far from it… I am in my 50’s, I’m just starting to really live this travel dream life.  The nest is empty and I’m free as a bird to go where and when I want.

And I want to share where I’ve been and where I’m going with you.

Like so many who decide to sell everything and live to travel, I had a ‘perfect storm’ of loss and hardship that catapulted me into this life I have now.

But this opened so many doors… I’m now almost finished my first University degree… yes, at 50.   So before long, I will have a BA that encompasses creative writing (one of my 3 passions), journalism, media studies and photography.   I also have a Certificate III in Travel which launched me into that industry for a time.

I’ve had a camera in my hand for over 40 years, and for those old enough to remember them, my first camera was a Kodak box brownie.

And have I travelled? Oh yes, far and wide…. But I’m nowhere near close to ticking all the items on my bucket list.  I worked for a time in the travel industry and I’ve travelled solo, also with small and then grown up kids, with partners, with friends and on tours with complete strangers.   The bug bit early and left an itch I am happy to scratch often.  And I can’t for the life of me see why all this fun should be the domain of the 20 somethings.  So that is what I’m doing here… showing the world that there’s life in the old girl yet, and so fortunate to be still on the go.

Actually now, with flexible study arrangements, I have a lot more ‘on the go’ time than I’ve ever had.

Travel photography tours, photographic shoots and of course, writing my books.

And first and foremost, travel – it is after all, what hinges all the things that have Lily constantly on the go.